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@MikeRiethmuller @MicheBarks Exactly. That's why I never said anything. I also have angry thoughts about guys givin… https://t.co/ZcRvHer3cl – SaraSoueidan
If you're interested in running a conf like #WomenOfReact2020, @_phzn handled out tech setup and is talking about h… https://t.co/rhfjPTrUlJ – rachelnabors
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@MicheBarks I've got lots of angry thoughts about coding challenges as a way to outsource work for free that i've b… https://t.co/0U6IbkEeH3 – SaraSoueidan
@accessabilly Yes it loves the warmth of the keyboard that's why it takes over it all the time ☺️ – SaraSoueidan
The Web Vitals Chrome extension gives you a real-time view into user-experience metrics. It now uses up to 97% less… https://t.co/K4aNpeqRNg – addyosmani
❤️ the Performance Monitor in @ChromeDevTools. Gives you a real-time view of CPU use, JS heap size, JS event listen… https://t.co/eFWCd3ytOS – addyosmani
@Duncanma Nice work, Duncan! Looks like CLS reduced from 0.188 -> 0.001 with this change \o/ Further layout shift o… https://t.co/jqquRw0CL7 – addyosmani
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Asking about multiple files because this page makes it look like every book will have two files which seems odd... https://t.co/z2uuajlRJM – kentcdodds
@librefm, do the mp3 downloads typically come in multiple files? Also, do these files include the appropriate id3… https://t.co/PqwvvTxIf4 – kentcdodds
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@ivanjeremic89 @vercel React Query explains this in their README. I can vouch for its quality and Tanner’s stack.… https://t.co/tR0qITTRJl – rauchg
@ZakLaughton @nodejs @Synology Actually, the real solution is to just remove the hostname 🤦‍♂️ Then it's accessible… https://t.co/6i1MiReMOB – kentcdodds
https://t.co/jksFsjOBId – kentcdodds
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@STRML_ @mbostock JSX? Heresy! – BrendanEich
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@PeteButtigieg I blame my kids. ☺️ – joulee
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My therapist said that I seem more zen today. I told her it only looks like zen and it's really nihilism. She said "close enough" – sarah_edo